[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql Windows build

Dominik Perpeet dominik.perpeet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 07:45:21 GMT 2012

Thanks for your feedback. I'll see to getting the documentation up soon. Do
you know whether Jhuntley got a 64 bit build running? A 32 bit build wasn't
feasible for me, since the machines I run osm2pgsql on have plenty of RAM.

Once I post my project files, someone else can check if they want to merge
the stuff with trunk (I put all my changes inside #ifdef WIN32 wrappers).

Instead of doing that, I'd rather migrate the code to C++ with inheritance
of an abstract base class instead of function pointer structs. With those
removed, omp instead of fork, and some other minor changes, the code should
compile cleanly with msvc as well.


2012/12/13 Dane Springmeyer <dane at dbsgeo.com>

> Dominik,
> Great work - thanks for sharing. Jhuntley (on #osm irc and
> https://github.com/onepremise) has also been working on getting a build
> going recently.
> You two might want to share notes. He's tried both the cygwin and mingw
> routes.
> I made a failed attempt at msvc 2010 a while back. Never thought about the
> intel compiler for C99 on windows. Clever.
> Capturing your notes + adding a link to your project files would be great.
> Also, we should coordinate getting relevant patches in for easy stuff. +1
> to more C++ to work around C99 issues.
> In the end I think the most critical thing is documentation of a process
> that works, no matter how messy.
> Dane
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