[OSM-dev] Best and FASTEST Spatial DB for only calculating points near to X?

Martin Schafran martin at ampelmeter.com
Fri Dec 14 19:50:38 GMT 2012

On Fri 14.12.2012 19:39:04 Ander Pijoan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am starting to develope an application that needs of a spatial database.
> I'm almost sure that I will use PostGIS because it works great but taking
> into account that I will ONLY make querys to get a number of points near to
> another point and that what I most need is the answer to be fast, could
> there be another database system that might be more suitable for it?
> I've seen that MongoDB has a spatial 2D index and I don't know if for the
> operations I'm going to do it could be faster than PostGIS.
> I know that being a Friday afternoon it's a difficult question but can
> someone give me some advice about this?
> Thank you very much.

use ssd, 
cluster nodes on spatial index,
perform vacuum
and show us your query.

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