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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 22:30:53 GMT 2012


A problem I was considering was how to allow more communication between local mappers. We don't want to build a spam engine. But at the moment, it is laborious and hit or miss to reach to mappers in a particular area.

Diary entries are an unobtrusive communication stream. Right now, you can get an individuals diary entries, diary entries in a particular language, or just all of the entries. So I added two filters, linked to from your own User page ... diary entries from your friends, and diary entries by nearby users. And just to balance, added changesets by nearby users too. 

These are the two commits adding these features. Can these be considered for pull into git.openstreetmap.org


Some further issues to explore later.

* Diary filters should be on the diary page itself.
* Diary entries can have a location too. Add filter for this too.
* Your own user profile page is getting crowded.
* Would be nice to sort nearby users by their last changeset edit.

More generally I'm thinking about the user profile page. It has two functions ... one to view other people, and another as a dashboard for yourself. I think these should start to diverge into two different pages. The user profile should be grown to give a better idea of what a mapper is up to. Richard's statistics would work well here (http://rweait.dev.openstreetmap.org/daily/board_career.html). Recent changesets and diary entries could be pulled into one page. 

The Dashboard would be a focus point for a mapper to stay on top of everything they care about in OSM. So in one page, give a summary of what friends and nearby users are up to, but also what's happening in places you care about. For many users, myself included, there are many areas you've mapped, and would like to keep track of. Right now, you explicitly express interest by declaring your home location. This could be expanded to multiple, manually specified locations (my top 10 areas); or by analysis, a list of your top areas for editing could be automatically compiled.

Both of these are going to need some smart design. My immediate thoughts are that a dashboard would compile a stream of activity.
If anyone of any stripe is interested in collaborating on anything around these ideas, or other ideas, let's get to work.


ps I did this coding instead of replying to a thread on talk at . Felt good!

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