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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jan 7 03:20:52 GMT 2012


On 01/06/2012 11:30 PM, Mikel Maron wrote:
> More generally I'm thinking about the user profile page. It has two
> functions ... one to view other people, and another as a dashboard for
> yourself. I think these should start to diverge into two different
> pages. The user profile should be grown to give a better idea of what a
> mapper is up to. Richard's statistics would work well here
> (http://rweait.dev.openstreetmap.org/daily/board_career.html). Recent
> changesets and diary entries could be pulled into one page.

I've been thinking that one thing I would really love to have is some 
kind of local chat. Where a user could either just "hang out" or 
actively communicate that he's now working in this and that area. So 
that people could actually talk about what they are mapping right now. I 
would love this to be not driven by pre-set locations (like mailing 
lists where we have differnt lists for different regions), but instead I 
envisage drawing a rectangle on a map and then I'll automatically be in 
a "chat room" with everyone else whose rectangle intersects mine.

(This will mean that there will be some conversations of which I only 
see one half, but that's ok, anyone who has ever radioed will be 
familiar with that.)

I know it's kind of far-fetched (and I'm unsure if maybe chat-type media 
is dying and replaced by twitter-type microblog) but since you seem to 
be spending a lot of thought on the user collaboration side maybe this 
is something that fits in somewhere. No idea about how to do it 
technically (and unsure if it is maybe going over board if in addition 
to user profile pages, email, friend lists we also offer chat - people 
might joke that we're the new facebook). But nonetheless I find the idea 
very interesting.

> The Dashboard would be a focus point for a mapper to stay on top of
> everything they care about in OSM. So in one page, give a summary of
> what friends and nearby users are up to, but also what's happening in
> places you care about. For many users, myself included, there are many
> areas you've mapped, and would like to keep track of.

Yes, that's one thing that I always found problematic about the "home 
location" thing. Some people do not even map in their "home location" 
but, say, only on holiday. So while I would want to use the home 
location if I were to invite someone for a pub meet, it is not 
sufficient for other purposes.

> or by analysis, a list of your top areas for editing could be
> automatically compiled.

Again, maybe "where I have edited" is not "what I am interestd in", not 
always, at least, not for me, at least.

> ps I did this coding instead of replying to a thread on talk at . Felt good!

Some people even do both ;)


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