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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Jan 12 23:14:13 GMT 2012

Kais Ubuntu tile server package is really easy to install (one serious 
caveat there) I don't think it will get a lot simpler than that even 
with substantially more work.

The install instructions are simple and work (again that caveat), what 
is a bit lacking is post-install documentation (essentially mod_tile, 
renderd and osm2pgsql).

The big caveat I have is not specific to Kais package, it is the general 
issue that we have no release engineering/testing for a  number of  our 
tools. This bites particularly hard when something is supposed to be 
plug and play and you are not aware that you are essentially just 
running the latest development version with a couple of changes that 
might work.

If we really want to make things easier for third parties we are not 
going to get around having substantially more discipline in our software 
release procedures (and having such in the first place).


Am 12.01.2012 23:06, schrieb Mikel Maron:
> Hi
> Over the past couple days, I gave some assistance to someone setting 
> up their own tile infrastructure. They mostly got along on their own, 
> following 
> http://weait.com/content/build-your-own-openstreetmap-server, and 
> picking through the wiki, but they definitely could've had an easier time.
> And we should expect more of this soon, and we want this! Nestoria and 
> StreetEasy switching, the Wired article. Just the beginning.
> How do we help folks get their tile servers up and running even 
> easier. Here's some suggestions we discussed...
> 1) Clear instructions, at an easily findable address (outside the 
> wiki, which is hard to follow) (anyone register switch2osm.com? or 
> tryosm.org). Should include some description of the different options, 
> with links for getting into the details ... but at least a clear guide 
> through the well worn path of setting up a tile server.
> 2) A packaged solution, like a chef recipe, to install everything needed.
> 3) A VM image for an open source virtualization package, that has 
> everything installed. May not necessarily be for production, but at 
> least make it easy to try things out.
> 4) ....
> Would the EWG be the place to get this together?
> Cheers
> Mikel
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