[OSM-dev] helping #switch2osm

Dane Springmeyer dane at dbsgeo.com
Tue Jan 17 05:09:34 GMT 2012

On Jan 16, 2012, at 2:16 PM, Roger Weeks wrote:

> For example, mapnik, if you get the current build from git, won't compile under Ubuntu 10.04.

If you hit what I think you did (https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/issues/950), this was a hard to reproduce problem, but I think it should be fixed in the latest code as of last week: https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/commit/1b3d2324deb8855d205ae3c6d8668bd138c6f5e4

If what you hit something different please send me more details so I can fix it. We trigger builds nightly (https://launchpad.net/~mapnik/+archive/nightly-trunk) on lucid and versions above and any compile errors I'd like to hear more on.


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