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Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Thu Jan 12 22:37:57 GMT 2012

Am 12.01.2012 23:06, schrieb Mikel Maron:
> Hi
> Over the past couple days, I gave some assistance to someone setting up
> their own tile infrastructure. They mostly got along on their own,
> following http://weait.com/content/build-your-own-openstreetmap-server,
> and picking through the wiki, but they definitely could've had an easier
> time.
> And we should expect more of this soon, and we want this! Nestoria and
> StreetEasy switching, the Wired article. Just the beginning.
> How do we help folks get their tile servers up and running even easier.
> Here's some suggestions we discussed...
> 1) Clear instructions, at an easily findable address (outside the wiki,
> which is hard to follow) (anyone register switch2osm.com? or
> tryosm.org). Should include some description of the different options,
> with links for getting into the details ... but at least a clear guide
> through the well worn path of setting up a tile server.
Short domains are welcome, similar to getfirefox.org etc. :)
If you have any suggestions on specific pages or if we should create 
some easier redirects within the wiki, just give us a ping.

Might sound curious, but what most people looking for, seems to be a 
well structured book?
> 2) A packaged solution, like a chef recipe, to install everything needed.
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ubuntu_tile_server is on the way.
> 3) A VM image for an open source virtualization package, that has
> everything installed. May not necessarily be for production, but at
> least make it easy to try things out.
That was during the discussion of the ubuntu package, too. Most expect a 
VM to be to slow for a good tile service.
> 4) ....
Get easier in contact with local communities/multiplyer/"evangelists"? 
But promoting this contacts is quiet hard... Sometimes somebody asks on 
twitter, sometimes it's only a discussion within the company team :/


> Would the EWG be the place to get this together?
> Cheers
> Mikel
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