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Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at latuviitta.fi
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Simon Poole wrote:
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>> Who are "most people"? Are you really saying that most people will
build things on static hardware? Especially people who are trying out new
software to see if it works for them? I heartily disagree, and I think an
OVF of a preconfigured map server that already HAS the
planet_osm file imported into postgis would be not only extremely
useful but would get you a lot more people taking the mapserver for a spin.
> I somehow doubt that there are going to be very many takers for a
download that is likely to be >100 GB (uncompressed around 300), there's
the additional issue that catching up to current status would require that
such a build be done -very- regularly. VM without a preloaded planet or
perhaps an interesting extract ... yes, do it!
> I'm fairly sure that with some additional polish Kai's Ubuntu Tile
Server package is the way to go, as long as we, as I've mentioned before
get some way to nail down stable versions of the associated tools.


There is rather much to install on this Switch2osm list:
    osmosis - for filtering/cutting data
    osm2pgsql - for import to PostGIS database
    Mapnik - for rendering
    mod_tile - Apache module for serving map tiles,
       see also Tile Map Service
    renderd - Process that handles request for tiles (mainly from
    PostGIS - database

I was thinking some time ago about how to make an ultimately fast and
simple introduction package for rendering own maps from OSM data.

I selected to use MapServer bundled with Spatialite database and
shapefiles from Geofabrik. Spatialite database contains the same
osm_point, osm_line and osm_polygon tables than PostGIS after running
osm2pgsql. The tables are pushed into a Spatialite database which is
physically one single file. But because getting fresh OSM data into
Spatialite is too complicated for the beginners I made also a simplified
map project that needs only shapefiles from Geofabrik. It would be really
nice to have an "osm2spatialite" tool. Spatialite is very good database up
till a size of a few gigabytes and Mapnik should also be able to use it as
a data source. Instead of (or in addition to) shapefile extracts somebody
could well start creating a ready-to-render Spatialite extracts for

About 80% of people seem to use Windows and OSM does not offer much for
them so I desided to make Super Easy WMS as a Windows installation
package. Linux users do not need to get angry, it is possible to install
Apache and Mapserver on Linux and take just the data and mapfiles from the
package and after some mapfile editing for fixing the paths to the data
the services will work similarly.

I know that Mapnik has a steady position as the official OSM renderer but
while waiting for an easy Switch2osm installer, read about Super Easy WMS
server at http://latuviitta.org/documents/Super_easy_WMS_server.pdf

The introduction package is downloadable at
(226 MB)

The package is rather big because it includes the Geofabrik shapefiles
from Finland. After installation there will be three WMS services
available and WMS clients will find them from the following addresses




-Jukka Rahkonen-

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