[OSM-dev] Getting information from relations.

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Sun Jan 22 22:23:10 GMT 2012

Hi Morten,

first, I would take osm2pgsql for this purpose (openptmap.org does).
Nevertheless, there are two cheep alternatives which may be sufficient for your application:

1. Osmosis option --a2p
Works for ways only - as far as I know. But it certainly can be extended to take care about relations as well.

2. osmconvert --all-to-nodes
This is used by OpenLinkMap. Every way and every relation is converted to a node.


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> Datum: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 18:16:12 +0100
> Von: Morten Olsen Lysgaard <morten at lysgaard.no>
> An: dev at openstreetmap.org
> Betreff: [OSM-dev] Getting information from relations.

> Hi.
> I'm currently running a project on open aviation data.
> In it I'm planning to use relations for some of the information.
> There's just this catch: When i show the map i let users click features 
> to show a popup-box with all the tags that this object has.
> Up till now I've achieved this by serving my map as a WFS layer.
> The WFS layer reads a database from a osm2pgsql sync. In this sync, no 
> information about relations seems to be kept. That means that when I now 
> want to move some of my data over to relations, there's no way to let 
> users see the tags that are in the relation.
> Is there any other way to achieve this, in short, this is what I want.
> When a user clicks on something on my map, information must be shown of 
> what tags that object and any relation it's a part of has.
> I'm willing to do anything. I know there exists something named WMS 
> GetFeatureInfo, but I'm not sure how it ties together with openstreetmap.
> Thanks in advance, Morten.
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