[OSM-dev] Direct Map to my Own tile server (brewmap)

Anwar Azulfa anwar at troyans.net
Wed Jan 25 03:24:10 GMT 2012

Thanks Graham,

I just change http://tile.openstreetmap.org be

Then, if i want to show custom data on another location for example French,
what step which i must do ?
I have change long and lat to redirect to another location, but icons still
on england.


2012/1/25 Graham Jones <grahamjones139 at gmail.com>

> Hi Anwar,
> The BrewMap client is just a simple javascript program, so you should not
> need to install anything other than a web server to get the client working.
> I have just tried it on my laptop.  I did:
> cd /var/www
> git clone git at github.com:jones139/BrewMap.git
> I then just pointed a web browser at http://localhost/BrewMap and it
> worked.    There is a redirect which may have caused you a problem so you
> could look at http://localhost/BrewMap/client/brewmap.html, which is the
> direct link to the client page.
> Using it like this will just display the data that is included in the
> github repository - it is downloaded into BrewMap/server.
> In BrewMap/server there is a python program make_brew_json.py that I just
> run as a cron job every 10 minutes to re-generate the data files from the
> database.    The database should be a postgresql one generated by
> osm2pgsql, which is the same type of database that is used by mapnik<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mapnik>
> .
> The file you need to modify to use your own tiles rather than the osm one
> should be BrewMap/client/js/brewmap.js
> I'll write some installation instructions because a few people have asked
> me about this lately.
> Regards
> Graham.
> --
> Graham Jones
> Hartlepool, UK.

M.Iftakhul Anwar
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