[OSM-dev] Direct Map to my Own tile server (brewmap)

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 07:09:23 GMT 2012

Brewmap.cfg defines the sets of data that will be displayed.  You need to
change the sql to extract the data you want from the database then run the
python program in the server directory to create the json files that the
client uses to display the icons.

The reason that only uk data is shown is because you have not regenerated
the json files from your own database.

I would recommend that you only do this for a limited area because it will
not handle large datasets well - see a similar discussion on the osm talk
list over the weekend.


from my phone

On 25 Jan 2012 03:24, "Anwar Azulfa" <anwar at troyans.net> wrote:

Thanks Graham,

I just change http://tile.openstreetmap.org be

Then, if i want to show custom data on another location for example French,
what step which i must do ?
I have change long and lat to redirect to another location, but icons still
on england.


2012/1/25 Graham Jones <grahamjones139 at gmail.com>
> Hi Anwar,
> The BrewMap client is just a sim...
M.Iftakhul Anwar
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