[OSM-dev] Licence redaction ready to begin

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Jul 10 08:36:29 BST 2012

This is slightly off-topic on dev, but anyway please see the discussion here

>From a licence point of view reimporting the database is the important
step (if you are actually publishing/distributing the data or products),
that gives you the freedom to licence tiles as you wish as long as you

I personally believe that this is really a non-issue, we will literally
have 100s if not 1000s of sites with slightly "wrong" attribution
strings for a long time.


Am 10.07.2012 03:35, schrieb Paul Norman:
>> From: Richard Fairhurst [mailto:richard at systemeD.net]
>> Subject: [OSM-dev] Licence redaction ready to begin
>> Once it is complete, we will be ready to distribute data under the ODbL
>> and we'll advise of that with a separate announcement. The final pre-
>> redaction dataset available under CC-BY-SA has now been generated at
>> http://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet-120704.osm.bz2 . Where data has
>> been redacted, any attempt to access it from the API or the site's
>> 'browse' pages will return a response to that effect.
> To transition from tiles derived from a CC BY-SA source to tiles derived
> from a ODbL source will require changing the attribution and regenerating
> all tiles so that CC BY-SA data is not mis-represented as being ODbL data.
> What time period will data be available under dual licenses so that tile
> servers will not have to reload their database then immediately delete every
> cached tile when changing their attribution?
> When I discussed this with Frederik awhile back I suggested publishing the
> first post-redaction planet as dual-licensed as well as one week of diffs to
> allow tile servers to continue to serve old CC BY-SA tiles and re-render
> over the course of a week.
> At the very least I would suggest distributing the first post-redaction
> planet as dual-licensed for the simple reason that all the information to
> create it will be available as CC BY-SA.
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