[OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

Viesturs Zarins viesturz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 14:25:32 BST 2012

Hi Richard,

Great idea, wanted to do this for some time already.
Even implemented a small prototype in Dart. Didn't go very far tough.
Would gladly help you with this one.

My main idea was to implement multiple specialized editing modes, each for
different subset of features.
For example:
 - for roads, turn restrictions and general routing.
 - for buildings, addresses.
 - for landcover
 - for landuse, fences,
 - for public transportation, stops,
 - for POIs
Each mode would allow editing only a subset of objects, and provide
specialized tools.
This way each mode would be moth easier to use and could provide more
productive editing workflows.

Each mode would reconstruct it's own data objects from the basic OSM
dataset and allow manipulation of specialized objects.
For example, roads mode would collect connected ways with the same name
into roads.
Buildings mode would associate addresses with roads, displaying them and
allowing direct manipulation (like OSM inspector shows addresses).
Landuse and landcover modes would create area objects and allow easy direct
manipulation of areas, like splitting, joining, automatic multipolygons.
And so on.

Anyway, i'll check out the code and see what you got.

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