[OSM-dev] Building a friendly new editor in JavaScript

Augustus Kling augustus.kling at geops.de
Tue Jul 17 23:24:43 BST 2012


we are currently building an OpenLayers based editor which I think could make
the development of iD simpler. Please have a look at the demo at
http://ole.geops.de/ to get an impression of some of the features. The source
code for OpenLayers Editor is available as well and we are happy to help with
using our code.

Probably the features of OLE that are most interesting for iD in order to avoid
reinventing things later are:
- Support for areas with holes
- Feature splitting and merging
- Orthogonal and parallel drawing
- Flexible snapping to editable objects and other layers such as WFS services

A bit of background: I am working for geOps and our team is building OLE for use
within geo-enabled business applications such as Cartaro CMS and applications
for administrative bodies. OLE has proven to work well in that setting and might
help OSM, too.

Kind regards

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