[OSM-dev] Weird Vespucci issue

Jan Schejbal jan.mailinglisten at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 16 02:58:54 BST 2012

I have a really weird issue with Vespucci: On my Galaxy Nexus with
Android 4.0.4, as soon as the storage box (loaded area) does not cover
the entire screen, the whole map is greyed out (instead of just the part
that is not loaded). It seems as if the canvas.clipRect(rect,
Region.Op.DIFFERENCE); completely blacks out the entire clipRect (in
Map.java, function paintStorageBox).

On another device with Android 2.3.x, the same code works flawlessly.

Can anyone with Android 4.x please test if they get the same behavior?

Does anyone know this issue, or how it can be fixed? I tried various
things, for example:

	canvas.clipRect(100,100,200,200, Region.Op.REPLACE);
	canvas.clipRect(150,150,450,250, Region.Op.UNION);

Which seemed to result in a single clipRect of 100,100,450,250 on
Android 4.0.4, while giving the expected result (two rectangles) on
2.3.x. Is this a known bug (or feature) in Android 4.0.x?

Kind regards,

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