[OSM-dev] Useful post-bot visualisation?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 17 08:48:34 BST 2012


    I'll be switching off the OSMI "license change" layer soon because 
it is of limited use in areas where the license change bot has already been.

I'd like to replace it with something that displays where the bot has 
actually edited something.

It would be trivial to simply take a current planet file and look: What 
object has been last modified by the bot? And draw those. Something like 
the "TIGER edited map".

However that would not account for stuff deleted by the bot. To 
highlight that, I would have to access pre-bot information which is also 
possible. But then again, stuff edited by the bot would vanish from the 
map once someone else has modified it, whereas stuff that I highlight 
because it has been deleted by the bot would remain there forever. 
Unless one would do it Javascript-based - something like a special 
OpenStreetBugs version where each object deleted by the bot would be a 
"bug" and you could "close" that once you have verified that no damage 
is caused. But the OSB platform is really not suitable for large amounts 
of data.

So should we just ignore deleted things and make a "stuff last edited by 
the bot" map, or what would you say?


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