[OSM-dev] Useful post-bot visualisation?

Hartmut Holzgraefe hartmut.holzgraefe at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 12:05:18 BST 2012

On 21.07.2012 01:54, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> 1. The bot used a "blacklist" of changesets, changesets that were
> nominally done by agreers but in which they used unacceptable sources
> (mostly, the so-called "copy&paste remapping"). OSMI did not use these
> lists, so if someone "whitewashed" data by copy&pasting then it would
> have been shown ok on OSMI but later caught by the bot.

i think i can rule that out for my neighborhood, i marked quite a few
things as odbl=clean there, and i still can see quite a few "green"
nodes and ways in the license inspector view

the missing way 33744987 was created by an agreer in 2009 and was
removed by the redaction bot ... i'd expected that in the worst case
it would have been reverted to this initial version from 2009

i'm also not aware of anybody else having edited in this special
area 2-3 blocks around my home lately ...

> 2. The bot knows about "knock-on effects", where a way is deleted if
> all, or all but one, of its nodes have to be deleted. 

This is a straight way between just two nodes, and both of them were
created anonymously ... one of them has only been touched by agreers
afterwards and the other one was only once touched by a disagreer
(towi on version 7 of node 43641809) who didn't change any actual data
on them though (same position, no tags changed)

> This is something
> where OSMI would have marked the nodes red but treated the way as if it
> was safe.

The nodes were not marked by OSMI in any way, still exist (not touched
by the redaction bot), other ways using them are still connected to
them (e.g. way 5739722 is starting on node 43664769, has been created
anonymously in 2007 and was modified by agreers only afterwards, not
touched by the redaction bot at all)

So i'm still curious regarding the reasons for the removal of way
33744987, on the other hand it probably isn't too important to spent
much more time on this anymore ... i've restored the way already and
i'm not aware of any other cases like this. If this were something
that happened frequently then it might be worth to look into it though
as some of these could rightfully be restored? (probably not
automatically anymore though as this might conflict with manual fixes


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