[OSM-dev] Useful post-bot visualisation?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jul 21 00:54:10 BST 2012


On 21.07.2012 00:15, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote:
> ok, this now somewhat helps to explain why a street in my neighborhood
> vanished even though both the old inspector and the cleanmap showed it
> as OK, but it still leaves me with a few open questions:

I can't say what cleanmap does but the old license view in OSM differed 
from what the bot actually did in at least two important points:

1. The bot used a "blacklist" of changesets, changesets that were 
nominally done by agreers but in which they used unacceptable sources 
(mostly, the so-called "copy&paste remapping"). OSMI did not use these 
lists, so if someone "whitewashed" data by copy&pasting then it would 
have been shown ok on OSMI but later caught by the bot.

(I assume that not all cases of whitewashing will have been caught, and 
we will have to use the bot a couple more times in the future to get rid 
of whitewashed data when it is discovered.)

2. The bot knows about "knock-on effects", where a way is deleted if 
all, or all but one, of its nodes have to be deleted. This is something 
where OSMI would have marked the nodes red but treated the way as if it 
was safe.


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