[OSM-dev] [GSoC] Improvements to Vespucci

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 16:59:53 BST 2012

The odd error message is an android 'feature' that caught me out a few
You can only upgrade an app with one built by the same person (or at least
on the same computer), so Jan's version and one you either built yourself
or downloaded from the project site will be incompatible.
It would be much nicer if android said "I won't install this because it
looks like someone is impersonating the vespucci  developers"....I think
there is an issue raised about this with android, but it doesn't seem to
have been fixed yet...


On 25 July 2012 16:30, Toby Murray <toby.murray at gmail.com> wrote:

> I finally decided to give this a try. For some reason I couldn't
> install your APK at first. It just failed saying "Software not
> installed" or something along those lines. I uninstalled Vespucci from
> my phone and then your APK worked fine. So now sure what was going on
> there.
> But now that I have it working, I think I like your changes!
> Question: What does the "Save" button do? I couldn't find any files on
> the file system after I used it. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong
> place?
> Toby
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