[OSM-dev] Info request on: additional GIS layers

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Mar 7 06:19:29 GMT 2012

Am 06.03.12 21:20, schrieb Tomas Straupis:
> Hello
>    Some governmental institutions are willing to use OSM software stack
> and share their information. For example they could use a base map and
> share information they have. Some information they want to collect and
> give out to public is perfectly "fit" for OSM (say max speeds) while
> others are purely "their" thing which should not go to main OSM
> database (say information like which "community" a specific house
> belongs to). (So they want to share all information with public, but
> some information should be captured on a separate storage/db)
>    They would like to have a separate layer to hold such "non-OSM"
> information. This would keep OSM database clean and it would allow
> government to take responsibility for quality assurance and updates of
> that data.

This is a point which breaks the idea:

If *they* want to be responsible for the data and making updates, no 
other user should have access to it.
OSM is a community project where evereyone is allowed to change any 
data. And we are worldwide, and not restricted to any adminstrative 
boundaries, as the governmentals.

So the only way is to add a separate layer with openlayers. Or use a WMS 
layer with OSM data in the governmental Web-GIS.

Andre Joost

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