[OSM-dev] Possible GSoC project: tag/area monitoring service

Michael Daines michael at mdaines.com
Thu Mar 8 01:34:17 GMT 2012

> I would expand 6 to be documentation for use as well as the ability to replicate the server environment using OSM planet data update feeds.  I personally expect the restrictions on the tile servers to be extended to the API servers when enough application coders implement a way to use the API directly from thousands or millions of clients at which point they'll be instructed to fire up their own server and need more than just use-based documentation.

Definitely. Customization would also be important, since I imagine that users would like to avoid storing a bunch of data they're not going to use in their project. (Depends on how things are implemented, though.) If your project only dealt with a single city, it might make things easier to set up if you knew the storage or computation requirements were less onerous than dealing with the entire world.

-- Michael

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