[OSM-dev] Possible GSoC project: tag/area monitoring service

Michael Daines michael at mdaines.com
Thu Mar 8 15:44:11 GMT 2012

> I was thinking about very long routes, and country borders. If I want
> to monitor changes to my state and interstate routes within the state,
> I don't have any good options at the moment to do that. I don't think
> it should be terribly difficult to implement, I'm just not sure how
> well it will scale. To make it more interesting you could allow for
> watching all changes to objects with certain tags that are within a
> certain distance of a route relation, or located inside a
> multipolygon.

This is exactly the sort of thing that I'd want to support -- to be able to say "show me updates that are both in this area and match this tag expression".

Serge suggested that areas might be implemented more efficiently by splitting the map up into tiles, which would allow for an approximation of any kind of area: just figure out which tiles intersect with the area you're interested in.

-- Michael

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