[OSM-dev] How to apply OSM "Official" Application for Android GSOC project

Gihan De Silva gihansblog.com at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 13:04:31 GMT 2012

Thank you for you quick response. And I would like to know, what features
should be implemented in this android app? Can you please list them?

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>        Android GSOC project
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> Am 11.03.2012 12:18, schrieb Gihan De Silva:
> > HI,
> >
> > I'm Gihan De Silva and I'm interested in OSM "Official" Application for
> Android GSOC project. And is this project supposed to be done with
> HTML5+JavaScript or Java?
> > If anyone can show me a good tutorial on OSM API, it would be highly
> appreciated.
> The won't be *the* osm application. Depending on what you want to do
> you'll need several different applications.
>  - One for mapping POIs
>  - One for mapping all OSM objects (ways, areas, route-relations)
>  - One for watching pixel-tile-maps, possibly with server-side routing
>  - One for watching Vector-Maps and routing locally
>  - One for recording GPX-Traces and upload them directly to the API
> The technology to be used depends highly on what you're familar with. If
> you know on how to develop rich UIs for mobile devices with HTML5, do that.
> If you're better with Java, go that route. But which ever way you choose,
> first define what exactly what you want to do, then choose the tools you're
> planning to use.
> Regarding the OSM Api you need to first check, what you want to do,
> because there are several APIs for diffentent tasks to perform.
>  - The Main-API for Editors and GPX-Uploaders
>  - The XAPI and the Overpass-API for specific Data-Consumers
>  - The Tiles-Server for Pixel-Map-Viewer
> But in most cases you'll need to define & set up a custom API dedicated at
> the use case of your app. This offloads the main apis which are dedicated
> to mappers and allows you to optimize the communication between your app an
> the API by shifting processing requirements away from the mobile device.
> Peter
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