[OSM-dev] Review of proposed spanish castrade import (Avila.osm)

Jaime Crespo jynus at jynus.com
Mon Mar 26 19:14:33 BST 2012

El 26/03/2012 11:47, "Matt Williams" <lists at milliams.com> escribió:
> If the data in this image
> (http://maps.paulnorman.ca/imports/review/avila1.png) is indicative of
> the quality of the data in the rest of the import then that doesn't
> fill me with confidence. People not orthogonalising buildings which
> are square in reality is one of my pet peeves and it makes the map
> look so much messier -- just press 'q'!

Sorry, I did not get this one.

Buildings at that zone are clearly not square nor north-aligned. Data
source has a variable accuracy, by measure methodology,  between 8-20 cm.
Jaime Crespo
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