[OSM-dev] Overpass-Query: Complete Relations in BBox

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Mar 26 22:30:45 BST 2012


I tried to fiddle an overpass-query together that would give me:
  - all relations tagged with type=boundary or type=multipolygon
  - their way-members
  - nodes used by thode way-members

but I was unable to get this result.

Regarding the docs: they consist of a large list of examples with very minimal explanations that leave open a lot of questions:
  - which query-language is suited for what?
  - what's this .->x or .->_ about?
  - are two queries in a union get ANDed or ORed?
  - will a print-command print all results of all unions or only the last one?

I'd love to see a walktrgough or a tutorial that explains the building blocks and how they interact in a chronological order without adding stuff that isn't explained.


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