[OSM-dev] StyleSheet Generator for OSM [GSoC'12]

Darafei Praliaskouski me at komzpa.net
Tue Mar 27 09:40:44 BST 2012

> > I want to apply for OSM GSoC.
> > I am having idea of "StyleSheet Generator for OSM", i.e. users can
> > create style-sheets of their own choice based upon their own
> > preferences and requirements and those stylesheets can be used using
> > any renderer.

> > Please let me know If something similar already exist so that I can
> > check that and can look for improvements in that if required

Something similar exists.


It is mapcss-to-mapnik and mapcss-to-kothicjs stylesheet converter. The idea 
behind it is to have a single stylesheet that can be used in JOSM, Potlatch, 
Mapnik, Kothic and a bunch of other renderers.

There are a lot of improvements that can be done to it:

 - reformat all "hacks" to some real mapcss structures, i.e. invent a nice 
syntax for dem coloring, hillshading parameters, layering model.

 - add at east some support for cascading for non-cascaded renderers like 
mapnik (i.e. allow structures like:
way{color: black; font-face: Arial}
way[highway]{casing-width:1; color: red}
way[highway=primary]{width:3; text:name}

 - add more rendering backends, from popular demand - maperitive, geoserver; 
probably also some mobile apps like osmand / gpsmid;

 - some more crazy ideas? integrate it with some renderer (kothic js? 
maperitive?) and make a "easy map generator" software, with simple buttons 
"edit stylesheet", "publish for web", "make tiles", "make pdf for printing", 
"make svg for further editing".  

Komяpa, OSM BY Team

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