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Hi Parveen,
Sorry for the delay in replying, I had missed this email.

I like the idea of making it easy for less technical users to create their
own maps.   You are right that it is now (relatively) easy to set up a tile
server given the work that has been done packaging the main tools, but
creating a map style is quite a task, and even customising the default OSM
one is daunting.

Therefore I think a project based on helping people create custom map
styles is a good thing.

To turn your idea into a good proposal, I think you need to address the

   - How will this work - is it a text file that the user edits manually,
   or will there be a graphical interface?
   - If it is a graphical system, is it a desktop application or a web
   based one?   In either case, how will you go about it?
   - Will it work on mapnik XML style sheets, or carto CSS ones.....or
   maybe the CSS style used by KothicJS and others?
   - It would be good to compare your ideas to TileMill, which is going a
   long way to doing what you are proposing, but I think we lack a tilemill
   (carto) base style for OSM data to customise (I have some very simple ones,
   but they are way off the complexity of the standard OSM mapnik style).
   One of last year's Mapnik GSoC projects may have created an XML to carto
   converter, which could help?  Therefore one possibility may be to use
   tilemill as a base for the project.

The simplest step forward, which I think would be useful would be to extend
the use of entities in the existing XML stylesheet so that all of the
styles for drawing the various components are defined in a single place,
separated from the more complicated bits, but I have not looked at how
feasible this is given the support for various zoom levels in the style
sheet - it may not be much simpler (but could maybe have a file for each
zoom level?).

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts to help you put together a proposal
which you would like to work on, and are confident in being able to achieve
in the GSoC timescale.



On 25 March 2012 13:06, Parveen Arora <mail at parveenarora.in> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I want to apply for OSM GSoC.
> I am having idea of "StyleSheet Generator for OSM", i.e. users can
> create style-sheets of their own choice based upon their own
> preferences and requirements and those stylesheets can be used using
> any renderer.
> Using this maps for Map for visually handicapped can be created
> easily, the one who can't read small fonts or are having color
> blindness, so that maps suitable for them can be easily available.
> This can have many more benefits like any one who wants to show
> particular roads or points on the map can generate the style-sheets
> for that.
> One more thing is that there is lot of work already has been done to
> set up map tile server that one can easily do that using few commands,
> and that can be more useful applied with stylesheet generator.
> Please let me know If something similar already exist so that I can
> check that and can look for improvements in that if required.
> If there is nothing exist similar, this can be feasible during the
> GSoC time period.
> Please give your valuable suggestions, feedback and improvements or
> anything else that can be done along with this idea.
> Thank You.
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