[OSM-dev] CT-incompatible planet file?

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Tue Mar 27 23:30:58 BST 2012

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>> Subject: [OSM-dev] CT-incompatible planet file?
>> Is there anywhere a CT-incompatible planet file?  i.e a file containing
>> all the ways and nodes which are likely to be dropped during the
>> rebuild.
>> I'd like to understand which islands are going to disappear, and I'm
>> thinking that if there were such a file, and I passed this through the
>> coastline error checker files, the resulting shapefiles would be a help
>> David
> I've been thinking and I think what the best way to do this is to generate
> it based on ways that are dropped or ways that have all or all but one of
> their nodes dropped. These are ways that are going to be completely 
> removed.
> Every other way will exist as at least a two-node way in the clean DB and
> will be picked up by coastcheck.
> It shouldn't be too hard for me to write the logic for that, but I'll need
> to find the time.


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