[OSM-dev] New proposed directory layout for planet.openstreetmap.org

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Wed Sep 5 16:58:30 BST 2012

I would like to propose changing the directory layout of
planet.openstreetmap.org with the ODbL switch. The current directory layout
has grown rather than being planned. With the new content being under a
different license it is a good idea to re-arrange the files to make it clear
where content is under the old license and while doing so I believe it is a
good idea to use a different directory layout.

Proposed layout:
/planet               Parent directory for planet files
/planet/osm           Planet files as .osm.bz2
/planet/pbf           Planet files as .pbf
/replication          Replication files
/replication/minute   Minutely replication diffs
/replication/hour     Hourly replication diffs
/replication/day      Daily replication diffs
/full-experimental    Full history dumps
/users_agreed         Users agreed
/gps                  GPS dumps
/cc-by-sa             Old CC BY-SA content

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