[OSM-dev] Reverts from the woodpeck_repair account

Paweł Paprota ppawel at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 2 17:28:09 GMT 2013


You make some good points but I still can't help but think that there
has to be a more efficient way of preventing such things. It seems to me
that changing and then reverting stuff back in this manner is a
lose-lose situation for everyone.

I see two problems here - one is the inability to agree what tags should
be used, attempts to "optimize" tags etc. This problem is out of scope
of this thread but I think a lot can be done to improve the situation,
e.g. improving tools for documentation and discussion of tags.

The second problem is the automated editing. Perhaps now as OSM becomes
more and more popular it is time to start looking at some more general
solutions to these kind of problems with data and bots.

Just a quick glance at what Wikipedia is doing[1] shows that there is
potential room for improvement in OSM in this area like introducing some
workflow around automated editing.

I believe there is a middle ground between OSM's "free for all, do what
you want, we will worry afterwards" approach and Wikipedia's "you can do
X only after requesting permission Y from working group Z".

I guess this is something that could be discussed with DWG?

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bot_policy


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