[OSM-dev] Osmosis error - node not present in table "current_nodes" - no bbox

Jeff Meyer jeff at gwhat.org
Fri Jan 4 22:57:47 GMT 2013

Ok... still trying to solve this one. My primary machine is visiting the
"Genius" Saloon, so I'm a little dead in the water right now.

Couple of quick updates:
- The two.pbf file from above failed its import, as well... : /
  -- The diff.osc of the two files yielded about 8300 objects, ~8000
relations (lots of rivers) and ~300 ways
  -- The same node (25918312) broke the import of two.pbf, as well as
one.pbf, so it doesn't seem to have been disciplined appropriately. Bad
node, bad node.

- Comparing the output of my steps with osmfilter & convert, following
Markus's suggestions (thank you!) yielded the following:
  -- All steps, but without --drop-broken-refs = ~2GB
  -- All steps, without --drop-broken-refs = ~1.5GB
  -- Yikes! It seems that having ~25% broken refs means I'm doing something
horribly wrong to the data.

I'll keep hammering away to see what I can find out.

Thanks again for your help & patience!


On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 11:26 PM, <marqqs at gmx.eu> wrote:

> Hi,
> Frederik is right:
> > It seems that you somehow managed to drop a node that is referenced by
> > something.
> I would suspect the --drop option of osmfilter to be responsible for this:
> --drop="natural=wood waterway=drain or waterway=ditch or waterway=stream
> or leisure=park"
> Maybe replacing --drop by the --keep option will do the trick:
> --keep="natural!=wood and waterway!=drain and waterway!=ditch and
> waterway!=stream and leisure!=park"
> Furthermore, you could exclude every broken reference by using this option
> in osmconvert:
> --drop-broken-refs
> Regards
> Markus

Jeff Meyer
Global World History Atlas
jeff at gwhat.org
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