[OSM-dev] Leaflet.EditInOSM

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Mon Jan 28 16:43:46 GMT 2013

On 28.01.2013 16:40, Andy Allan wrote:
> In general I prefer directing people towards openstreetmap.org/edit ,
> rather than having a bunch of options or linking to instances/remote
> control directly. The advantage of openstreetmap.org/edit is that the
> user will have already chosen their favourite editor, and so you only
> need one button.

There's a drawback, though: The favourite editor will only be known if
you are logged in. With JOSM and other offline editors, I rarely need to
log into osm.org at all, so I always end up having to explicitly select
JOSM / Remote Control.

I agree that replacing the links for individual *online* editors with
openstreetmap.org/edit could be a good idea, but a separate Remote
Control link for the offline editors is still useful imo.


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