[OSM-dev] Osmium: may I help with development?

Johannes Kolb johannes.kolb.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 10:12:48 UTC 2013

Hi Osmium developers,

since I got my first GPS unit I am interested in the Openstreetmap project
and have contributed "casually" (according to hdyc) under the handle
"Jokoala". Since I'm also interested in software development, I would like
to help with that too, so I started to work with the Osmium library. Now I
have finished my first patch and would be glad to hear comments on them.
Please be a bit patient with me, since I'm not so familiar with your
development proceses. Just tell me, where you want me to improve the

Since you write in the README file that more tests are appreciated I wrote
some unit tests mostly for the osmfile.hpp header file. I've sent a pull
request with all my changes.
It contains the following:
* unit tests for the object class
* unit tests for filename detection
* unit tests for basic file IO
* a Makefile for building all tests at once (whole test suite runs faster)
* a method to generate coverage reports

programming this I noticed and corrected the following bugs:
* object.hpp: m_visible can only be set to false
* osmfile.hpp: if child process exits with error, ernno doesn't contain a
valid value
* osmfile.hpp: filename_without_suffix() didn't work as intended

Looking forward to hear from you.
Best regards,
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