[OSM-dev] GraphHopper Maps 0.1

Peter K peathal at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 24 06:06:23 UTC 2013

>> I took the liberty of comparing the result on that page to the direct
>> call. How realistic are the results?
>> If I run a route e.g. from Heroldsberg to Biograd, I get greatly different
>> times:
>> http://apmon.dev.openstreetmap.org/routing: 9,5s
>> directly on http://graphhopper.com/maps/:  0.017s
>> So it seems that the result of the compare page is off by a factor of more
>> than 500 times. Why?
>> bye, Nop
> The actual requests get sent from the server backend on the osm dev server
> (rails app) and are then transcoded from json to kml before getting passed
> on to the user. Unfortunately, the dev servers rails system seems to be
> incredibly slow! Even just simply loading the pages takes a long time.

Would be nice if you could somehow include the actual response size and
time in the output to have a feeling for that too. Would you mind to
print an error message if some vehicles or routing types are not
supported instead of printing results for the default? Eg. graphhopper
does not support "shortest" in the web API and OSRM does not support
foot etc

PS: there seems to be a small bug when I enter a new location so I have
to click twice on 'find route'.

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