[OSM-dev] OSM cgimap GSOC 2013 report #6

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Jul 27 08:47:21 UTC 2013

What did I get done this week?


Fixes for responses with /node/# call for deleted/missing nodes

Fixes for nodes? call for deleted nodes (actually unrelated to the above)

Refactored away a SQL query for /(node|way|relation)/# and
/(nodes|ways|relations)? calls with the apidb backend.

I am now confident that the /node/# and /nodes?nodes=... calls in cgimap
return the same results for valid inputs. The ... part of the nodes call
still needs testing for invalid inputs.

Integration testing:

History testing for nodes? call (yes, it's a history-requiring call)

/nodes/#, /nodes?, and non-diff parts of /way/# are now complete.

Discussion of iD bug https://github.com/systemed/iD/issues/1646

Next week:

I hope to finish single element and multi-element, except for perhaps full
relation, schedule permitting.


Scheduling, nothing else significant.

Administrative: As noted in my proposal, I started early because I would
have to take a week away for exams. That week will be part of next week and
part of the week after.

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