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Maybe this challenge from Médecins sans frontières can benefit from this as



2013/6/6 Pavel Melnikov <positron96 at gmail.com>

> Hello there everyone!
> As a student of this year's Google Summer of code I want to officially say
> hello to dev list members. In this first email I'm introducing my project.
> It's current name is OpenSurveyor and it is aimed at creating a mobile
> (smartphone/tablet) data collection application specifically designed for
> OSM purposes.
> The feature list includes following major elements, not found in other
> applications (or not comfortable enough to be used widely):
>    - Walknig papers on the phone/tablet - a walking papers atlas without
>    any need to print and scan anything. Just draw all you want on screen
>    (stylus should be especially useful, but finger should work too), and it
>    will then be transferred into JOSM.
>    - All kinds of map markers - text, voice, photos, some predefined osm
>    types.
>    - Ability to work without GPS and Internet. If you have a Garmin or
>    other device that can record tracks for days - let it do its job and save
>    yourself some hours of battery life on the phone. The markers will be
>    time-based and you could map them on PC according to timings.
>    - Subsecond presicion of timestamps. Standard GPX timestamp is 1 sec
>    which is not enough sometimes (will be useful when driving a car). Special
>    data format will elliminate this shortcoming.
> I've already created a wiki page for the project:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2013/OpenSurveyorwhere additional information could be found (not that much at the moment)
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