[OSM-dev] Tile server

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Fri Jun 21 12:17:00 UTC 2013

On vendredi 21 juin 2013, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> 18GB for the planet and my postgresql database is about 260GB after 
> importing the planet into it.  Add space for rendered tiles, and it's 
> pretty demanding.
> If you've only got a single magnetic spindle for the 500GB, you might 
> find it hard to keep up with the updates.  I ended up migrating from a 3 
> spindle magnetic RAID to a pair of SSDs, one for the rendering tables 
> and the other for the import tables.  I'm looking into which tables to 
> put on which to try to make both busy instead of just one when rendering.

You should consider a RAID0 array at OS level, that should help improve speed 
while still beeing simple software side.

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