[OSM-dev] Expiring Tiled OSM Data

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 15:15:07 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:47 AM, Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht at gmx.de>wrote:

> > Indeed. Although there's probably a much clever approach than the one
> > I'm suggesting.
> Basically, the Augmented Diffs comprise exactly that information.
> They carry for each changed object the geometry information, either
> directly
> or by referencing the also in the file contained nodes. From that it should
> not be too hard to mark affected tiles as dirty.
> I'd suggest the id-sorted variant with info=yes. It is bigger, but the
> nodes
> are required to get the geometry for relations right.

I'm looking at the augmented diffs stuff but the documentation [0] appears
to be stale. Can you describe what the waymember and indirectmember
attributes are describing in the XML? They're not mentioned on the wiki.

[0] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API/Augmented_Diffs
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