[OSM-dev] disk size for planet osm import into PostGIS (on an SSD)?

Akos Maroy akos at maroy.hu
Thu Jun 27 08:08:39 UTC 2013


>> I'd like to inquire about the estimated disk size needed to import the
>> planet osm file into PostGIS?
> 320 GB on a machine I am running.
reassuring to hear :)
>> /usr/local/bin/osm2pgsql -d osm_world -s -C 5800 --hstore-all -K -v -G
>> -m  planet-130620.osm.bz2
> I use --flat-nodes which saves more than 50 GB and is quicker. I don't 
> use -K, and I don't use --hstore-all either; both will certainly blow 
> up the space needed. I recommend using a shape file for coastlines 
> like everyone else does, and to have a look at --hstore-match-only 
would this be --hstore --hstore-match-only ?
> (you really don't need stuff *twice* in your database) and use a 
> stripped style.xml that ensures you don't store tons and tons of 
> "note" and "source" tags and other import side products. You don't 
> want to burden your SSD with tags like "gnis:Class", "NHD:FType", 
> "tiger:PCICBSA", or "canvec:UUID" ;)

thanks for the ideas


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