[OSM-dev] References to trac in the wiki

Andrew andrewhainosm at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Mar 10 10:22:11 UTC 2013

> How does that relate to 
> Subversion and git are 
version control systems 
while trac is a bug 
> tracker so I'm not clear 
what you think the 
relationship is or how it 
> makes reference to trac 
"out of date".
> Tom

Some pages link to 
listings in the source 
repository; I suppose this 
may be fine for old 

Bugs reported for some 
projects where the wiki 
tells people to report 
them are just piling up 
because developers are 
using systems native to 
their host.

Trac has been removed 
from the Develop page in 
English but survives in 
other languages. 


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