[OSM-dev] Seeking advice for OSM based routing application

Matt Hoover the.one.eleven at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 08:26:07 UTC 2013

> Well options 2 and 4 are absolutely not feasible, assuming you are
> talking about using the osm.org map query API. The OSM API is for
> editing the map only, not for clients to query for use in some 3rd
> party service. Of course some small non-editing related calls get
> through but if you start querying a lot of data you will get blocked
> pretty quickly. For non edit related querying there are other services
> like jxapi or overpass. But even then, this does not sound like the
> best idea.

Yeah, I was considering using an XAPI interface, but honestly I didn't
realize that was the only way allowable... I was just leaning that way
because of the larger area coverage allowed on a request.  But yeah I agree
neither of these ideas are ideal.

> The specific example you linked to does seem very odd. It does look
> like the MapQuest Open routing service behaves correctly thought:
> http://mapq.st/1067Po9

Good find.  I had skipped over mapquest open earlier for some reason, and
you're right it does work on that one.  However I found some other route
attempts that would not work on mapquest but WOULD work on YOURS.  How
confusing.  See image here if you're curious.
Both attempts in that image work on BRouter, but it doesn't have a public
API, and it is really weird about starting the route far ahead of (or
behind) the actual point you give it (though at least still on the same

> Looking on a couple of other routing services, the OSRM demo is set
> for cars only so it won't even try to go on the highway=path. No clue
> where the cloudmade router's head is. It will obviously use
> highway=path but for some reason it is refusing to transition to it
> right there. I can't figure out why either.

Thanks for your input anyway.  I have the mapquest one working in my app
already... was very easy to set up.  Just doesn't work for half the routes
I want it to.  Considering having my application make both a mapquest open
AND a YOURS request, and then internally judge which one is better and
present that to the user.
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