[OSM-dev] Seeking advice for OSM based routing application

Matt Hoover the.one.eleven at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 03:36:18 UTC 2013

> Good find.  I had skipped over mapquest open earlier for some reason, and
> you're right it does work on that one.  However I found some other route
> attempts that would not work on mapquest but WOULD work on YOURS.  How
> confusing.  See image here if you're curious.
> http://i.imgur.com/Rv0UNpa.jpg

To follow up on my own post, in case anybody is reading this in the future
and wondering: I got in touch with both mapquest and YOURS.  The reason for
the hiccup on mapquest is a known bug which will be fixed at some point.
With YOURS, it is a result of outdated map data which will be updated very
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