[OSM-dev] mod_tile stable version ?

Bernard Fouché bernard.fouche at kuantic.com
Wed Mar 27 13:23:59 UTC 2013

Le 27/03/2013 10:39, yvecai a écrit :
> For the record, methods described in http://switch2osm.org works 
> rather well, thanks to Kai's packages.
> Maybe packaging work could be shared with 
> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugis too.
> I somewhat would expect better results in building an osm tool-chain 
> on a debian-based system (Ubuntu), maybe F18 wasn't the good choice at 
> the beginning.
> Yves
We have everything else on F-something, I want to avoid maintaining 
different distros, what I may have spared using Ubuntu for the install I 
lose it in the long term by having to support another distro.

My time was mostly spent because of the lack of stable releases and 
documentation related to package versions, quirks here and there (for 
instance when making Tirex there is no check of what perl packages are 
already available, you discover the list of missing packages when Tirex 
runs, or how do you know that you'll need to setup a definition for a 
'default' map?) , broken SVN trunk of mod_tile, cryptic error messages, 
configuration magic (when applying postgresql/system recommended values 
for a 32GB system I saw it swapping, the values do not consider the 
number of running cores in the system), some broken URL ("get that file 
here" and you get a 404), etc., and of course, never having used OSM 
related tools before.

Using Ubuntu may have save time on postgres/postgis issues, probably not 
much else.


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