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Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 14:49:32 UTC 2013

Bernard Fouché wrote
> ...
> as a simple user of Open Street Map, Nominatim is needed as much as tile 
> rendering. Currently I (stupidly?) have osm2pgqsl to run twice, once for 
> Nominatim, once for Mapnik. Maybe a single run is possible?

Currently that is not possible. The tile rendering output and nominatim
output of osm2pgsql use rather different database schema, which aren't
possible to combine. What would theoretically be possible to combine are the
slim tables, which are identical between both. This would save a lot of
space and possibly time and only require a single run of osm2pgsql if you
want to keep both up to date. However, unfortunately, the abstraction model
in osm2pgsql is the wrong way around to make this easily possible. So it
needs a substantial refactoring of osm2pgsql. This is somewhere on my todo
list, but I haven't come around to doing it quite yet. 

Bernard Fouché wrote
> I found Nominatim setup easier than tile rendering since there is no 
> http setup, no live program like Tirex to interface and the setup script 
> of Nominatim takes care of building symlinks from the www location to 
> Nominatim code, there is no need for instance to have virtual host data 
> pointing to a tirex config which can work correctly only if some 
> symlinks are correctly set in /var/[lib][run].

Using the Ubuntu packages in my PPA takes care of all that too. Perhaps some
of that can extracted into more generic scripts to benefit users of other
distributions as well.

Also imho renderd is easier to setup than tirex and as long as you don't
need the non mapnik render backends that tirex offers, it should be equally
good, reliable and fast as tirex. They are both just thin wrappers around
the mapnik C API. 

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