[OSM-dev] Start Contribution

Akash Ashok thehellmaker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 06:15:21 UTC 2013

Hey Guys,
I just joined the list. Open Street Map initiative is awesome.I love the
fact that its free and I would love to contribute to the systems.

I am a distributed systems engineer by profession, from India and would
love to contribute in a dev way as much as I can.

Firstly I wanted to know a few things:
1. I see that the user interface could be made much better do we have
design contributors to the project ?
2. Is there a Jira page to know the list of outstanding issues that I could
pickup ?
3. Can some1 from the group please help me out a lil bit to understanding
if we have any releases in terms of OSM ? Are there any design discussions
on how things are built etc etc...

This is an awesome initiative. Feels great to be a part in how ever small

Akash A
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