[OSM-dev] Fun documentation questionnaire!

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Tue Oct 8 08:36:53 UTC 2013

thanks for the poll.

On Mon, Oct 07, 2013 at 07:56:02PM +0100, Matt Amos wrote:
> we at EWG are interested in which OSM-related projects would benefit
> from some help improving their documentation for developers. that is;
> the documentation which you'd look at if you wanted to start
> contributing to that project, not any documentation for using it.
> to help collect some data to inform any discussion, we would be very
> grateful if you could spend a few minutes filling out this short (and
> fun) questionnaire:
> http://bit.ly/17OxvKa

I think the point is that only VERY FEW can actually give sensible
input. I have at least looked into some of the tools and found my way
around as a user and sometimes providing some quick patches to problems
i found.

As a user of OSRM, osm2pgsql, osmosis, mapnik, josm,
ocitysmap/MapOSMatic  i find my way around. Especially the Documentation
for osmosis, OSRM and MapOSMatic is excellent to get something going
within minutes as a user.

> if you see a project which you've not heard of before, or haven't seen
> the developer documentation, it would be extremely helpful if you
> could spend a short time looking for it. it may not even exist - but
> it's good data!
> the list of projects is not supposed to be exhaustive, and there are
> many worthy projects missing from the list. if there is something
> which we've missed, please use this thread to discuss it and its
> developer documentation situation.

I think a real problem is the OSM Wiki. There is tons of information
to the tools but a lot of it is horribly outdated or even wrong.
It gets replicated and forgotten.

My feeling as a long time OSM contributor is that the wiki is more
confusing for the tools as than it helps.

Concerning help for Tools i'd suggest using the osmium toolset to
produce helper to filter from OSM Datasets. And Nominatim needs to
be accelerated and reduced in the resources needed.

I understand that geocoding is a hard business but when
you look at the hardware specs and time needed to get a nominatim 
instance going this doesnt look like anyone will soon be able to
do this at home.

Another thing i'd like to see is an OSM Package Repository 
for Debian, Ubuntu possibly Redhat where all the tools are in their
current version.

So as someone who likes to play with OSM Data i'd simply add an OSM
Repository and be able to install osmosis, mapnik, postgis in their
current version. As a newbie you spend a lot of time getting all the
software together, built and then you Discover you need mapnik 2.2 and
not 2.0 and for this you miss dependencies.

Florian Lohoff                                                 f at zz.de
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