[OSM-dev] New Imagery Layers - A plea for help

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 21:49:19 UTC 2013

Hi Dev list,

I'd like to add some more historic imagery layers for use in the main
editors. I have quite a long list of Ordnance Survey Town Plans from the
National Library of Scotland ready to go. Furthermore I am hoping to get
the OS Hand drawn maps recently discussed on the talk-gb mailing list up on
a tile server and added as an imagery layer. Finally user Blackadder has
just acquired some historic maps from Coventry University which we would
like to scan and upload.

All are out of copyright.

As a non-developer, I'm not particularly clued up for using github. As a
test case, would someone please be so kind as to add this attached
Bartholomew json (to Europe) and run the "make" script, as described at:


We have the permission of NLS to use their tile server. In fact they want
us to use this actively.

If this goes well, I'm wondering whether I can just upload the json and
have someone else run the make bit (or give me a dummies guide to github on
ubuntu) - or is that asking too much? :-)

Kindest regards,

p.s. Thinking ahead, it may be worth adding a "date" schema to the json so
that the historical team can use this to eventually develop a slider to
select layers from a given date range.
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