[OSM-dev] Overlapping Attribute Sections per Way

AccessibilityGuide accessibilityguide at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 20:24:31 UTC 2013


I have the following requirement for a new software project:

Given a way, for example a hiking route, I'd like to attach some
attributes to this way. But the attributes should not apply to the
entire way but only a section of the way. The sections can even overlap,
like multiple layers of metadata per way.

The following example hopefully clarifies  what I mean:

Given a 10km long way, the following attributes should be applied -
Section [0km - 5km]: Attribute A (Value X)
- Section [5km - 10km]: Attribute A (Value Y)
- Section [2km - 8km]: Attribute B (Value F)

Is this already possible with OpenStreetMap? If not I'm willing to
contribute a professional developer to make an implementation proposal
for this functionality. Would this be appreciated and would it be useful
for others too?

Thanks a lot for your answers!!

Feel free to ask me if something is not clear yet.

Kind regards,

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