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Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 16:32:26 UTC 2014

> No matter how you put it the style still has a strong European
> and even British focus which is an issue with OSM being an
> international project IMO.

And also focus toward major cities. There is an obvious fix - people
outside UK/Europe/major cities making PRs, submitting issues about
problems that nobody reported before and commenting on issue tracker
(it is much easier to change something as PR is active, useful
reports/comments are also helpful).

2014-12-12 13:35 GMT+01:00 Christoph Hormann <chris_hormann at gmx.de>:
> On Thursday 11 December 2014, Andy Allan wrote:
> >
> > >From that it would be a reasonable conclusion to think that I'm
> > > being
> >
> > a bottleneck on the development - well, perhaps I am.
> I don't think there is a serious bottleneck in the merging of changes to
> go active in the main map.  The problem is not bandwidth but latency.
> This might be to some part due to the order in which you work through
> changes.  You could try doing it the opposite way, working on the
> oldest changes first.  This would ensure things do not get stuck at the
> bottom of the pile for a long time (there are quite a few pull requests
> active at the moment for example that have been waiting for at least
> the past three releases).
> > So I pose a question that's most pressing on my mind - should the
> > other maintainers be merging PRs without me reviewing them first?
> > Will this lead to a better result?
> Well - the job of the gatekeeper of the rolled out style is essentially
> an administrative task and having an own opinion on styling is probaly
> more a disadvantage for this. ;-)
> Another side of the matter i already pointed out occasionally is that
> everyone has specific priorities and no matter how well meaning you are
> these go into decisions when making judgements about merging a change
> or not.  No matter how you put it the style still has a strong European
> and even British focus which is an issue with OSM being an
> international project IMO.
> Mainly for these reasons i would much support opening up the active
> style for more people to immediately commit to although i also see the
> risk of a significant loss in style coherence and ultimately map
> quality over time with that approach.  The dominance of technical
> considerations over design aspects and cartographical arguments is also
> likely an issue. Having a two stage process with a separate map for
> testing before deployment in the main map would really help here i
> think.
> The lack of a central test environment could be mitigated by trying to
> get a larger number of people from different regions to test changes in
> their local test environment on areas they are familiar with and weigh
> in with their assessment of the changes.  But people will only be
> motivated to do this if they see their contributions have an effect.
> And i would like to emphasize again the need for a more systematic
> followup on rolled out changes - quite independent from the exact mode
> of operation.  For a developer it is always more interesting to work on
> something new but it would be good to establish that the work on a
> style change does not end with it being deployed.
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