[OSM-dev] Several JOSM instances with different config profiles

François Lacombe francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu
Wed Jul 2 09:55:37 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Since JOSM isn't allowing several connections to different APIs at the same
time, I need to setup instances with different configuration profiles to
avoid reconfiguration each time I switch from OSM to my own service.
This custom service is HTTPS only with a self-signed SSL certificate.

I use the jnlp instance to connect to OSM and I've got a standalone
josm-tested.jar to use with my custom service in C:\Program Files\JOSM_2
and launch it with "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe"
-Djosm.home="C:\Program Files\JOSM_2\josm" -jar "C:\Program

It seems standalone Java apps (instead of jnlp) can't accept self-signed
HTTPS certificates.
The only stuff I get is a Java security Exception while loading presets and
styles over HTTPS at startup.

The jnlp instance prompts me to accept or dismiss certificates whereas the
standalone jar instance doesn't.
I've add my custom HTTPS service URL in the Java Security manager but it
didn't prevent errors from occurring.

Can someone help me to fix this issue please ?

*François Lacombe*

francois dot lacombe At telecom-bretagne dot eu
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